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The Inside Stylists podcast

Oct 21, 2019


When it comes to colourful homewares with a serious amount of inspiration from nature you don’t get much more on point than today’s guest.

Her designs are based on her nature photography, which is just as likely to originate from a tropical rainforest as it is to feature leaves from a local London park. Grasses, seed heads, ferns and trailing vines feature heavily in the modern, silhouetted designs, often printed onto natural fabrics such as silks and linens which have been dyed with a trademark ombre effect. You should see the backing cloths afterwards - they’re works of art in themselves.

Looking at her successful screen printing studio you would never know that today's guest nearly lost it all before she took the interiors world by storm. Now her huge collection includes bed linen, lampshades, towels, ceramics, and a huge array of gift items, not to mention the two multiple award-winning fabric and wallpaper collections produced in collaboration with Harlequin

I’m thrilled to introduce to you todays guest Clarissa Hulse.

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