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The Inside Stylists podcast

Jul 19, 2018

In this episode, I was lucky enough to grab a very patient David Motterhead during a Little Greene paint launch. What seemed like a good idea at the time turned into a bit of a nightmare with me accidentally pressing the mute button on the microphone and not recording 10 minutes of the first interview and David having to dash upstairs to chat to people who had come to the launch to hear all about the new green paint range - all the while the catering team for the launch were banging and crashing around us! To say David was patent with a rather inexperienced EmmaMT was an understatement. 

All that aside - I had a whole load of questions lined up for David and he had so many great stories and behind the scenes facts about paints and how we use colour that I hardly asked any. His knowledge is not only massively extensive - as you would assume but his passion shone through and totally inspires.