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The Inside Stylists podcast

Oct 31, 2019

When people hear that I'm an interior stylist they nearly always think that it's a super glamorous job but after listening to these disaster stories they'll soon see why it's not. 


There's a huge part of a stylist's and writer's job to be able to bounce back again after a defeat, fire, broken camera or even broken...

Oct 21, 2019


When it comes to colourful homewares with a serious amount of inspiration from nature you don’t get much more on point than today’s guest.

Her designs are based on her nature photography, which is just as likely to originate from a tropical rainforest as it is to feature leaves from a local London park. Grasses,...

Oct 14, 2019


Really getting to grips with colour 

with Karen Haller 

So, you think you know about colour? 

Think again! I thought I knew all about how colour effects interiors. I mean, I've been an interior stylist for 19 years and I've created countless room sets and produced hundreds of mood boards. But it wasn't till  I sat...

Oct 7, 2019

Today's episode is short and snappy but answers the five questions I get emailed about the most often. See if any ring true with you and if you have similar questions about interior styling then drop me a line for the next Q&A session. Your burning question could help someone else. 



You can find the full show notes...