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The Inside Stylists podcast

May 14, 2021

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The Inside Stylists Podcast: Episode 99

 How to plan your very first photoshoot

The questions I get asked here at Inside Stylists HQ are a bit like buses. You don’t get any and then you get the exact same one three times within a few days of each other. Last week it was from brands who really want to up their game, stop using Danny from accounts to take their promotional shots and get their first photoshoot set up with stylists and photographers and good lighting!

Brands want a professional photo shoot that will be picked up by magazines and have a good selection of images that showcase their new ranges for social media. editorial and website use.

And that’s where we come in!

Inside Stylists is jam-packed full of interior stylists, interior writers and style assistants who are experienced in exactly what you want to achieve with your first photoshoot so it makes sense for us to explain exactly how shoots work from the very beginning of the process so you can see how we can help you.


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