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The Inside Stylists podcast

Dec 21, 2018

Are we who work within the interiors industry the hardest people in the world to buy for (after father-in-law's of course)? There's a good chance we are. Here's the reasons why...

  1. We get to see all the winter season products in July- months ahead of everyone else.
  2. We put together mammoth magazine Christmas gift lists - so we've been there, done that- usually numerous times by December
  3. We get given lovely gifts at press launches all the time - read notebooks and candles - the two things you should definitely NEVER buy a stylist or writer 
  4.  We're style-conscious, so picking something to our taste is a challenge - especially as there's a good chance we'll know where it's from.
  5. And in truth, if we really want something we'll go out an buy it. 

So, what's the answer? I asked some interiors friends and this episode is their answer.